5 tips to calm and harmonise your mind

In the busy, hectic lives that many of us live now, we all know how important it is to detox our bodies. We also know how important it is to maintain to emotional health. Do you ever find however, that it’s just too hard, that you are simply too tired, that you cannot slow […]

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Lavender Essential Oil

So I thought that I would share some information each week on an essential oil so that everyone could learn a little about how amazing essential oils are and how you can use them in various ways in your home…

One of my absolute favorites is lavender essential oil. I completely love it and use […]

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Chemical Free Cleaning with ENJO

Well as you know from my Facebook page – I hosted my ENJO demo last Saturday.

I had to stop myself cleaning anything for a few weeks prior – so that  Tracey (ENJO distributor) could show the full power of the ENJO technology. Impossible I hear you say – as I have two large dogs […]

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Freshen your bathroom naturally with essential oils

Try this simple tip to freshen your bathroom naturally using essential oils:

Let’s face it — We all have moments when we need something to freshen the scent of our bathrooms… Instead of freshening your bathroom with artificial fragrances that contain toxic chemicals, why not freshen your bathroom naturally with essential oils using this easy […]

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