Young woman enjoying sunlight in canola field

In the busy, hectic lives that many of us live now, we all know how important it is to detox our bodies. We also know how important it is to maintain to emotional health. Do you ever find however, that it’s just too hard, that you are simply too tired, that you cannot slow your mind down enough to see the woods for the trees? Start to calm your mind with our handy guide below

With life, comes stress. We have many roles to manage, we hold down busy jobs, look after our children, try to be good and supportive friends, help our extended families, pay our bills, save for holidays, do the shopping and cleaning, keep fit, etc. To do all of this we have to use a lot of logic function – we switch our minds on to help us organise and plan all that we have to do. Even though many of us try to find the time try to maintain a good balance between the logic and emotional sides of our brains, we travel through life overusing our logic to the point where we cannot seem to switch off at all. Our minds are a huge drain on our energy resources. Long term this takes a toll on our health and can eventually affect all aspects of our life.

 Check out our tips for a balanced and calm mind

1. Be grounded.

Walk in the dewy grass in the morning, dip your feet in the ocean, spend some time in nature. Devote time to recognise what you are grateful for. Meditation and yoga are great ways to take you outside your head and into the present moment. Focusing on the positive aspects of life will de-stress and nourish your soul.

2. Practice self-love.

De-cluttering doesn’t happen overnight. Start by treating yourself as you would your best friend. By being more kind and compassionate to yourself, and you’ll be one step closer to feeling healthier, free and at peace

3. Be honest with yourself.

A large part of any healing or growth is to recognise and own your behaviour and acknowledge what is happening for you.

4. Switch off.

Eliminate negative influences in your life and try unplugging. Disconnecting from Facebook, emails or the radio, will remove the distraction and return the focus to your emotions and feelings

5. Let it out.

Find a friend or professional to support you through this step. Having that shoulder to lean on will create a safe and nurturing environment to put things in perspective and help you strategise ow to do things differently.

Need help to feel calm and balanced? We provide the support and encouragement you need for your mental and emotional balance. We’re passionate about helping people become their best self, and understanding themselves to achieve true health and happiness.. 

 Start balancing your mind today. Embrace the calm you.