With warmer weather approaching, comes the buzz around ‘spring cleaning’ your diet.

While we’re avid fans of a spring clean and healthy eating, when was the last time you thought about emotionally detoxing to ‘spring clean’ your mind?

With life, comes stress. And for many of us, we travel through life sweeping emotional issues under the carpet. But the truth is, while we may sweep them away, they still stay with us. And carrying negative thoughts take an emotional toll and can eventually affect all aspects of our life.

The beginning of a new season is a great time to start something new. By confronting your emotional baggage you will open the door to good health and new opportunities.

5 tips for emotional harmony

1. Be honest with yourself.

A large part of an emotional detox is to embrace your feelings. As painful as it might be, recognising your negative emotions will let you overcome them.

2. Let it out.

Find a friend or professional to support you through this step. Having that shoulder to lean on will create a safe and nurturing environment to put things in perspective and help you strategise for change.

3. Switch off.

Eliminate negative influences in your life and try unplugging. Disconnecting from Facebook, emails or the radio, will remove the distraction and return the focus to your emotions.

4. Be grounded.

Devote time to recognise what you are grateful for. Meditation and yoga are great ways to take you outside your head and into the present moment. Focusing on the positive aspects of life will de-stress and nourish your soul.

5. Practice self-love.

Emotional de-cluttering doesn’t happen overnight. Start by treating yourself as you would your best friend. By being more kind and compassionate to yourself, and you’ll be one step closer to feeling healthier, free and at peace.

Need help Spring cleaning your emotions? We provide the support and encouragement you need for your emotional detox. We’re passionate about helping people become their best self, and understanding themselves to achieve true health and happiness.

Start your emotional detox today.