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Sinead Kelly
Sinead Kelly

I first stumbled upon Kinesiology many years ago when I suffered with chronic headaches that left me incapacitated for 3-4 days at a time. I suffered these attacks about 6 times a year, and had milder headaches about 50% of the time. The headaches were affecting all aspects of my life.

A family friend gave me the name of a Kinesiologist, who she thought may be able to help. 3 days after my initial treatment, the headaches stopped, and I continued to see the Kinesiologist for a number of months. For the first time in many years, I felt fantastic.

Studying Holistic Kinesiology and Natural therapies has been the best decision of my life. During the course of my studies so far, I have made massive changes in all aspects of my life. I am a much happier and healthier person and I have become more aware of how my thoughts and experience affect my health and happiness.

It is really important to me to balance all areas of my life and health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so I work continuously with multiple diverse practitioners both to benefit my own health and the health of my clients. When we are true to ourselves we tend to have less stress and are most happy. Alternatively, when we feel constrained, stuck and unable to be free to be ourselves we get stressed and become unwell. I am passionate about helping people to understand themselves and to achieve true health and happiness.


  • Diploma Holistic Kinesiology
  • Senior First Aid

Professional Memberships

  • ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) Practitioner No: 26586
  • ICMA (Integrated Complimentary Medicine Association)