I was honoured to be the key note speaker at the ‘Business in Heels’ Eastern Suburbs Christmas event last night. It was a fantastic evening, and I got to meet some really beautiful and inspiring women.

It was a great evening of celebration – celebrating our successes in 2013 and looking forward to even greater success both personally and in business in 2014


We visualised our Christmas tree and decorated it will all of the success that we achieved in 2013 (Pretty beautiful trees!!)

We looked at our goals, our new year resolutions – the ones who make it on the list every year and why we have some that just never seem to get resolved. We decided that this year, we are going to take these ones in hand.

Everyone picked their resolution and decided on the first step to take to begin to achieve it. We committed that step to the person beside us – AND WE ALL MOVED FORWARD.

Business in Heels is a networking group of diverse ladies all in business or getting ready to step into business. The support from a personal and a business level was there for all to see and embrace last night. We will all help each other to move forward in 2014 and to ensure our success.


To help everyone really take those resolutions in hand this year, I have designed the ‘Release your Star Potential’ program.

In this 1.5hr session, we will

  • solidify our goals and why they are important
  • Identify any stresses & limiting beliefs that are holding us back
  • Finish with releasing the stress and limiting beliefs to allow us to move forward

In the spirit of Christmas, all of the ladies at the event last night will receive a 30% discount off this program if booked before the end of 2013.

Let’s get ready to embrace our star potential and finish that tree!

Thank You Ladies!