Well as you know from my Facebook page – I hosted my ENJO demo last Saturday.

I had to stop myself cleaning anything for a few weeks prior – so that  Tracey (ENJO distributor) could show the full power of the ENJO technology. Impossible I hear you say – as I have two large dogs living with me at the moment. Well surprisingly – not as difficult as you might think – I HATE cleaning. So my house was perfectly filthy!!

Before I tell you all the results – I should cover why I wanted to do this in the first place (and why I hate cleaning). For years, I have used chemical products and elbow grease to have a clean home, and to be honest some of the products made me feel ill and short of breath. Especially in the bathroom. And it always seems to take hours to clean the whole house.

The more that I have learned, both through studying as a Kinesiologist and also through my own healing journey – the more I really want to remove unnecessary chemicals from my food and home environment. And as I travel further on my own journey – I want to spend less time cleaning and more quality time with my family. The choice between a walk on the beach and scrubbing the toilet is a simple one really.

So the results………….

I was really surprised – Tracey explained the technology and how you use each of the products, mainly cloths with ‘magic’ fibers and cold water to hygienically clean each surface in the home. We went through the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It was funny to see all my friends and guests clean half of every surface in my house (half so that we could compare the before and after). It was worth living in a pigsty for 3 weeks, simply to see my brother cleaning the hand basin in my bathroom…

The results were amazing – but I am not going to bore you all with everything we cleaned. Just a couple of highlights:

1.     The range hood – that is one item in my kitchen that I really hate cleaning. Tracey just got the correct cloth, put a bit of cold water on there are gave a few gentle wipes across it, then dried it off with the polishing cloth. Result = Spotless
2.     My couch – I have it for 6 years now. Its a type of soft suede material – and there is one spot where people always seem to sit. I had noticed that the arm was getting really grubby (when my arm practically stuck to it one of the warm days a couple of weeks ago). Tracey grabbed her ‘fabric glove’, added cold water and gave the armrest a few rubs, dried it up with a chamois cloth and within about 30 mins it dried – again spotless. That’s the one that sold me really.
3.     The face glove – I bought this a few weeks ago, when I went to a friends demo. This week I decided to wash my face in the shower using my regular face wash. I then used the ‘Face Glove’, thinking well I had cleaned my face anyway – but maybe the glove would pick up any leftover bacteria. To my absolute horror – the glove was decidedly grubby looking after I finished my little scrub. I’m not sure if was picking up residue from the face wash – or that my face was just filthy (I’m sure you will all vote for option 1 here), but either way, I’ll be using the face glove from now on.

Did I Buy?

Well indeed I did – I bought lots and I am waiting for it all to arrive. I’m sure that when it does – I’ll clean the other half of my house. I’ll post on facebook when I’m done to let you all know how long it takes and how easy it was. But based on the demo, it wont be as big a chore as cleaning has been in the past for me and my home will be more hygienically clean than ever before – and without a single chemical being used in the process. Better for me and my family and better for the planet. Win Win!!

Here is a YouTube video to explain it all if you want to learn more. If you are interested in more information or to buy, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Tracey (who can explain it all a lot better than me).