How long is each Holistic Health\Kinesiology session?

Your first session should be 1½ hours, and after that sessions can be between 45min and 1½ hours according to your individual needs.

How many sessions will I need to have?

This really depends on you and the aim of treatment. Kinesiology treats you as an individual. Some people require one session to deal with a single issue, others require a series of sessions. A plan of treatment will be discussed in the initial consultation.
Generally, I like to work with someone for 4-5 sessions, spacing a few weeks or months apart, as this allows time to get to the true cause of the presenting issue and help you to move on effectively with new learned skills. However, each person is unique you may need more or fewer sessions.

What is Holistic Kinesiology

‘Kinesiology’ serves as an overarching-term for a suite of specialised modalities. What ties the different modalities together is a reliance on muscle monitoring as the basic feedback mechanism into the human brain. This feedback is based on the principle of the body communicating with itself. The body communicates messages through a range of systems in order to function. The Kinesiologist uses gentle muscle monitoring to access the underlying stress in a person’s system that may be blocking the body’s natural healing systems, so the treatment can be more efficient and effective.

How often will I need sessions?

This again depends on you and the issue being addressed. Ideally there is a period of a few weeks or months between sessions so that you can integrate the life changes fully. Others may require fortnightly or weekly appointments to get to that point of change. There is no right or wrong way to structure your kinesiology and wellbeing plan. It is a good idea to see a Holistic Health\Kinesiology practitioner to maintain general wellbeing and personal development.

What can I expect in a Holistic Health\Kinesiology session with Sinead?

First and most importantly, I will want to know all about you. In your first session I will begin by taking a Medical and Lifestyle history. For example; basic medical history, current\past illness, stress levels, sleeping patterns, work situation, home life, hobbies, likes and dislikes, what your goals are and how you would ideally like to be feeling.
From here, I will then move to assess some of the energy flows and stresses within the body. The primary purpose of a kinesiology session is to identify stress and the underlying patterns and to re-balance the body, mind and spirit. The method by which we work to balances the identified stresses, body, mind and spirit will differ depending on what each individual requires for their specific needs.
There are many different ways to do this: Counselling, Acupressure, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Energy Flow, Structural balancing, Neurovascular System, Neurolymphatic System, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Colour Therapy, Crystals, Chakra and Aura Healing, Flower Essences, etc.
At the end of a session you will most likely get some “homework”, such as a positive affirmation to repeat, physical stretches, a nutritional supplement, a flower remedy, a homeopathic remedy, a crystal etc; All of which are designed to continue or supplement the ‘healing’ long after leaving the clinic.
The fact is that each session is unique, dependent on what you are working on and the corrections that will work best for you at that time, so there is no substitute for trying it yourself.




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