It’s a tough question – and one that I have thought about often over the years as I try to articulate what kinesiology is in a way that is easy for everybody to understand. I have joined a networking group (My Networking Group in Capalaba), and as I meet with each of the amazing members I have to try again and again to explain Kinesiology. My science background has me wanting to spout definitions and specific details, like all the modalities and techniques that we use but that’s just going to put you all to sleep.

I have re-read what I put on my website – which explains what to expect, how long sessions are, how many you will need etc, but I’m not sure that that really explains what Kinesiology is.

So I started thinking – about the sessions that I have had personally over the years, what each of my clients would say about their experiences, I chatted to some and looked back on all the amazing reviews that people have send or posted for me (thanks again!).

So looking at all of that – I’ve decided the reality is that each and every kinesiologist is different. Not only that – but each kinesiology session is different. I have worked on my growth with at least 5 different kinesiologists over the years and each have eased, pushed and coaxed me in different ways to keep learning and growing. To be honest, looking back I feel that not a single one of them could have achieved with me what each of the others did. I have learned to trust my instincts and to seek out the person that I need to work with at a particular time or with a particular issue. Now I sure that that’s all really helpful and you know exactly why you need kinesiology now – right? Definitely NOT!

So how do you know if you need Kinesiology, how can it help and how do you pick the right kinesiologist?

The first question is easy – everyone can benefit from kinesiology – it’s just about finding stress and releasing it – regardless if the stress is physical, emotional or spiritual. If you are sick, stressed, emotionally upset, are going through a difficult time, feeling like something is just not right, ready to work on yourself, feel like it’s time for you etc – then kinesiology is a great option.

Picking the right kinesiologist to work with is the key. Each of us will use muscle testing and our training but each of us will prefer to work with specific conditions or illnesses and use different modalities. Some will be great with biochemistry – hormones, food intolerances etc, some will be amazing structurally, some will be very spiritual, almost all will work in some way on your emotions – looking at your history and limiting beliefs that you have and many will be pretty general and not specify any area that they like to work in.

My advice is to chat to the kinesiologist that you are thinking of going to see, discuss briefly what you are looking for, describe how you are feeling. Ask them straight out if that’s what they like to work with. If they are client focused and want what is best for you – they will be honest and if they are not the correct practitioner for you they will hopefully be able to recommend someone who is.

So that my 10c worth on explaining kinesiology! If you want to find out more about Well of Harmony and the clients that we love to work with call us for a chat! Or check out our website.
We offer free 15min phone consultations – so you can ask the questions that you need to – and to help you decide if this is the best option for you right now. To book that 15min session call us or go online

I do hope you come back next month to read our next blog where we will be continuing our journey to a Balanced Mind, Healthy Body and Happy Life!
See you then.

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