Our bodies are like a battery. Everything in our lives can affect our battery levels, for example when you are the most energetic, happy and engaged, then your battery level might be a 5. But when you are tired and stressed your battery level could be at 1 or 2. Yoga helps me to plug into myself and charge my battery!

Yoga allows me to let go off the stress in my body and mind, to focus on my breath and body and let go of my day.

There are many schools of yoga out there and it can be difficult to know where to start or to choose the one which will be of most benefit to you. My advice is to get out there and try a few different styles and teachers so that you can feel which one will help you the most for where you are at right now. Don’t be afraid to let that change though! Listen to what your body wants!

The right Yoga practice for you

It’s important to think about your needs, and whether you’d like to focus on strength, flexibility or a more gentle style of yoga. What are your current fitness levels and which kind of practice will give you the most benefit and enjoyment? Do you have any injuries or health conditions? Answering this questions will help you find the right yoga style for you.

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