“What do you get when you mix kinesiology, Chinese medicine, intuition and much more? Sinead Kelly! She has helped me to move forward by shifting the energy that was holding me back and realigning it so I walked away calm, peaceful and well balanced. Thanks Sinead…
Peter Cullen, NSW
“I went into my session with Sinead Kelly a complete stress bunny, and came out calm, relaxed and revived. She really helps you realise the possibilities and choices that are available to you and enables you to take comfort in the life process… ”
Sarah, NSW
“I highly recommend Sinead! I was suffering with a dull pain in the lower lumbar region – a problem which had been aggravating me on and off for years. After my first kinesiology session the pain subsided tremendously and within days it had completely disappeared. I haven’t had any trouble with my lower back since.”
Kylie Ralph, NSW
“At first, I was skeptical about Kinesiology. After my first session with Sinead, I was amazed at how great my body felt . Sinead’s approach helped me relieve some heavy emotional burdens, consequently relieving my neck tension and headaches that I have had for months.
Regular sessions with Sinead balances subconscious pressures within my body and I highly recommend anyone with similar issues to try Kinesiology with Sinead.”