So we are 1 month into 2014… Are you still working on those resolutions that you set back on day 1 2014? It’s pretty hard isn’t it – to keep momentum going. That’s why we seem to have the same ones EVERY YEAR..

This year, would you like to really tackle the ones that appear annually on your list – really tick them off?

It sometimes feels like you have hit a wall – it is just too hard to keep going and to overcome the blocks that prevent us from achieving our goals. I always seem to have physical fitness on my list – I’ve joined the gym so many times, and only go a handful of times. It frustrating (and bad for my hip pocket). Every time I was scheduled to do a class – I’d find some way to avoid it. I have to cook dinner, do the shopping, too tired, my partner would be home from work early, dog was sick.. My brain is pretty cool really – always came up with a convincing reason (all rubbish of course).

So rather than making a list of resolutions – I reckon we need to look at our BRAIN…

Life skills, education, motivation and experience are all important in helping you achieve goals, but it is your subconscious mind that programs beliefs and dictates how easy or hard it is to reach our goals. These ‘beliefs’ form the basic operating system of your mind.

  • Our underlying beliefs operate at a deep, subconscious level. We are often not even aware of them.
  • Underlying beliefs affect what we experience in life, including success or failure in any endeavor

I have worked with many clients who have subconscious or limiting beliefs and I have uncovered a lot of my own throughout my journey. It’s important to understand that we put them in place at some point in our lives. I had some that were really important to me as a child – they helped me to cope with some pretty stressful situations – but as an adult, they were holding me back.

Some of our beliefs are trivial but others are very very important. It is key that to be willing to commit to and have the courage to look at these beliefs and understand who we really are and why we operate as we do.

Kinesiology can help you gently

  • Solidify your goals and really understand why they are important to you
    Identify any stresses & limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Understand your limiting beliefs and how they helped you when you needed them to – don’t forget they were created there for a reason
  • Help you releasing the stress and limiting beliefs to allow you to move forward on your life journey

Let’s get ready to embrace our FULL POTENTIAL and tick those resolutions off the list for GOOD.